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Stella di Puglia

It’s not a room, a flat or an apartment.

It's Home

 It’s not rustic, nor it is modern.


It is not perfect, but that’s exactly why it's as perfect as it can get.


Nestled in nature and built by hand, brick by brick from locally-sourced limestone.


The life's work of Tommasso Stella: a farmer, an engineer, an artisan and a poet.


He entrusted us with his masterpiece. We welcome you to our life.

"A perfect getway from the city life. My mind and soul have never been so calm. The home is a work of art, you will get inspired by every corner of the house. The culinary experience is something you can't miss at all. The hosts are there to share stories with, explore the the town, they can truly help you experience the country life. In short, this place should be on everybody's wishlist."

Arshi, France

What do you like to eat?

What music do you enjoy?


Are you a sea person or a mountain person? 

We want to talk to you. To understand your lifestyle. To know your passions and interests.

Puglia. For you. By us.

Maybe you want to travel through time, skipping from ancient ruins to modern art to medieval monoliths.

Maybe you're yearning to touch the sun-warmed soil with bare hands gathering vegetables you'll transform into a feast with help from a private chef.

Maybe all you need is some yoga in the morning and a homemade meal outside in the olive groves with a good glass of wine. 

"Laura and Sam were very attentive and made the experience really a great one. They really took good care of us. The whole ambience was if it came out of one of those classical Italian movies."

Ramy, USA

We've tried the "all-inclusive", the "boutique" and the "luxurious."


It’s rush-rush-rush.


It’s squeezed and moulded.

It's maybe bio? Kind of organic? Sort of sustainable?

It's neither original nor authentic.

It's time to travel for yourself. 

We create custom holiday experiences for travellers like you.

Like us.

"There is no place in the whole wide world I would recommend more than Stella. I'm hoping to be back soon to enjoy all the blessings of nature and the locals at this exceptional pearl-treasure of a place."

Renata, UK

Begin Your Journey

Custom Puglia Holiday with Laura and Sam

We design a bespoke itinerary based on your interests and provide a curated, all-inclusive experience

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Vacation Home


Book Stella di Puglia for your family's summer holiday in Southern Italy.

Five minutes from the beach and ideally located for day trips to Ostuni, Lecce, Alberobello and Bari.

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